Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So I realized that I haven't done a blog post in a while and I've been wondering why. Then I realized: it's because I have a new love. This love keeps me entertained, up to date, and there's always something new. That love is twitter.

Ok, so maybe I don't LOVE it, but I do like it. A lot. I'm constantly trying to figure out how to stay up to date on information. K-State information, sports information, and world in general information. I've tried reading blogs ( is a wonderful place, by the way), going to every once in a while, and trying other various places, but I always fall by the wayside and just find that it doesn't keep me interested enough. Maybe I'm fickle, maybe I have no attention span, but whatever the reason, none of these have worked. Twitter, so far, has delivered in all these aspects. I found out about the earthquake/tsunami in Japan through Twitter. I follow K-State scores through Twitter when I can't watch. I can see friends' reactions to things happening in their lives and also to things happening in the world. It's a place that is more personal than Facebook yet also more discreet. You can share whatever you want, but you aren't pressured into sharing everything. And it's only your thoughts or ideas, not specific information about you. It's the things people want to know about you after they know who you are. Or if you're a celebrity. I don't follow many celebrities and don't really see the point, but I do follow a lot of ESPN broadcasters and my views of different things in sports are constantly being challenged by them. Jay Bilas has recently been all about how we can make changes to the NCAA and I find that I haven't even thought about the ideas in his ways. Fascinating. Twitter is changing the way I think, and is thus where I spend a lot of my time.

All of this "learning" aside, it's also an incredible place to communicate with people you couldn't normally communicate with. All things I mentioned above are available in different forms throughout the internet, whether they are in blogs or websites or whatever. What Twitter alone offers, however, is the ability to communicate with people you wouldn't normally be able to communicate with. Some people block their Twitters to only people they want, sure, but they still communicate with those people that they may be more wary to accept in a place like Facebook. It's also much easier to respond to people on Twitter by mentioning them in your tweets. Amazing. I was blown away by this one afternoon when I was wanting to listen to a K-State pregame show by the guys on K-State sports. I follow one of them, Tim Fitzgerald, and was wondering how I could listen to this pregame show on the internet. So I mentioned him in a tweet and asked. Amazingly enough, he responded! I know it's not an incredible revelation or a deep communication, but there would be no way I could have done that through any other format. That episode alone sealed my love/extreme liking of Twitter. And I don't see it lessening any time soon.

So if you'd like more of my thoughts, get a twitter and follow ksubmac. I'll try to post my more elaborate ideas here, but the rest of my time will be taken by my new like.